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Bracelet Stories

Recently a friend who was visiting me at uni noticed the bracelets I was wearing and asked me to explain the different places I'd got them.
 I thought this was quite an interesting question (particularly coming from a male friend), and it got me thinking. If you're anything like me, I rarely think of buying jewellery for myself so nearly all of the bracelets and necklaces I wear on a regular basis have been given to, or made for me by someone else, all coming from different places and each with their own little story, which from my experience seems to be the case with most girls.

I've picked out a few of my bracelets to show you. Some of them I wear everyday and others are more sentimental pieces. None of these stories are particularly long or interesting but I thought I'd share them with you anyway because it's weird little things like this that often interest me on other people's blogs!

This is just my usual everyday set-up recently, I love colourful braided bracelets and will normally just put on whatever my current favourites are.

This first bracelet is from Thomas Sabo with my initial on it which my great aunt gave me for my 18th birthday. I normally only wear it on special occasions because it's quite dressy but I really love it. It was a really thoughtful 18th birthday gift, I thought.

2 &3.
These two bracelets were both given to me by my little sister. I think she got me the rose gold one for Christmas last year and then the one with my name on it she made in a bead shop we found on a day out last summer. She made me this and I made one for her with her name on it.

4 &5.
These are two of my favourite bracelets which were given to me by one of my best friends Libby for my 17th birthday. I believe she got them in River Island. The braided one is probably my all-time favourite bracelet just because it's so colourful and  casual; I wear it nearly everyday. 

6, 7 & 8.
These are not very well-presented in this photograph- apologies- but they are a selection of bracelets that have been given to me over the years by my lovely friend Hannah. She made me the chunky one on the left one Christmas, I really like it because it's quite tribal-looking and we're both into that kind of thing. The braided one was just a random little gift she gave me on a trip we went on to Kilkenny a few years ago. Then finally, the elephant bracelet I was given by her as a Christmas present last year. It's from Accessorize and I absolutely LOVE it because elephants are my fave.

This bracelet was made for me by one of the little girls I au paired for in Spain. She loved anything crafty and on my second night in Spain asked me if I wanted to make bracelets with her. I love this bracelet because it reminds me of her and my time there. I made one for her too and she wore it everyday which I thought was really sweet.

This bracelet is really really special to me. I got sent it in the post along with a letter from another one of my best friends who's currently at university in London. I was going through a bit of a rough patch at the time and in the letter she just reminded me that things would get better and that she's here for me and I'm not on my own, and included this bracelet so I could remind myself of that.

11 & 12.
Not very interesting but the bracelet on the left I did actually buy myself and it's just from a set from Primark that I saw one day- but I've just included it here because it's one of the bracelets I wear everyday.
The one on the right, then, I got from my friend Carrie for my 19th birthday and I love it so much, I just think it's so pretty and I love the colour turquoise, I also love the little pink tassel on the clasp. I've been wearing it everyday since I got it.

I know this is a bit of a strange post but I hope you enjoyed it. I'd love to hear any stories about your favourite pieces of jewellery!


  1. I've just been reading through your blog and thought this post was so cute and such a good idea! Sorry if it's weird that I read so far back haha :-) Rebeka x

    Rebeka Taylor

    1. Aw no of course not! I'm really glad you liked it :) This post was otherwise gathering dust! haha xx


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