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Exam Stress Be Gone! | What I've Been Listening To

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In case I haven't said it enough in recent posts- it's exam time, I'm tired, bored, stressed and a little emotional. I'm also not sure if any of you can relate but normally during exam season my life just starts falling apart around me; right now my laundry is just piling up, my plants are dying, my room is a tip and I've eaten probably close to 3 times my (original) weight in junk food... BUT it's ok, because music is my friend, and if your life is any bit as chaotic as mine is right now and exam blues are just getting you down and you like happy, folky tunes I've got a few recommendations to share with you, either to listen to while you study or just as a little pick-me-up in between times!

What I have been listening to as of late:

For study:
Put on Cologne | Donovan Woods

Won't Come Back | Donovan Woods

No Time Has Passed | Donovan Woods

Another Story | The Head and the Heart

Hey Ya | Obadiah Parker (Outkast cover)

Kiss the Grass | The Paper Kites

My Father's Father | The Civil Wars

For happiness:
Young | Air Review 

Swim Club | The Cave Singers

I Miss You | 5 Seconds of Summer (Blink 182 cover)

And She Was | The Twin Forks

As always, I hope you're all doing very well and that summer has been good to you so far!


  1. i've never listened to these before, will check them out! ahhh i love your blog xx

    1. Awk you know I love yours Ellie! You are well gorgeous :) xx

  2. I know exactly how this feels, I have the last exam tomorrow and this whole month that I have been taking my exams, I have been an emotional mess and I just can't seem to relax ever. I'm so glad the last exam is tomorrow and good luck with your exams! x


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