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My Etsy Favourites | July 2015

This time last year, before I became a seller myself, I really didn't know much about Etsy. I knew it existed, but it would never have occurred to me then to have a browse through in search of a birthday or Christmas gift, and I really didn't know much about what sort of things Etsy had to offer. 

However, in the last few months since I've been more active on the site, I've found myself ever lusting over some of the gorgeous products up for sale there, and now I really don't know how I ever lived without it! It's an absolute treasure trove of beautiful, creative pieces by some very talented artists and crafters selling everything from ceramics to textiles, homeware to jewellery. Another great thing about Etsy is that every time you buy from there you're supporting independent businesses and sellers too.

I've got so many things in my Etsy favourites at the moment that I'd thought I'd compile a bit of a wishlist and share a few of them with you, if only just to showcase some brilliant Etsy sellers and their products.

Blue bohemian ceramic coasters by Shop Crystal Cove I don't have much use for coasters at this time in my life but I love anything with a morrocan/bohemian print, especially on ceramics, so these caught my eye. I think they'd made a beautiful housewarming gift.

Silk hummingbird hand-embroidery hoop by Pixiecraft Handmade I've always loved embroidery work, and have found some amazing embroidery on Etsy recently, including quite a few embroidery hoops. However, this one was one of my favourites. It's 100% silk and I just think the colours are amazing. So much work must go into producing these as well.

The owner of this shop makes a ton of really gorgeous stamped ceramic bowls. This Oasis-themed one was my favourite, I think it would make a lovely jewellery holder.

Set of two antique hand-painted ceramic drawer knobs by The Collectors Yard As well as shops selling handmade items, Etsy also has an abundance of vintage and antique shops, amongst which I found these gems. Again, because I don't have my own house at the moment I don't have much use for them but I'm looking forward to a time when I do!

'All Good Things are Wild and Free' mug by Small Glow I'm an absolute sucker for mugs, I can literally never have enough of them. I'm not entirely sure what the appeal is, but if you are my friend you will receive one from me at some point during the course of our friendship. I think it's just because, in my opinion, there's nothing quite like having a warm cup of tea in a really nice mug. They're almost like a symbol of home and comfort. This is one of my favourite quotes, in some cool typography, and on a mug! What's not to like?

'Blog Ideas' spiral notebook by The Journal Company There aren't many gifts aimed specifically at bloggers out there, so I thought this was a fantastic find. Having nice stationery or a notebook where I can gather my thoughts always inspires me to get a bit more organised- for a little while anyway before I'm back to being my usual disorderly self.

Skunk print lavender sachet by Cafe Lala Another comforting thing, the smell of lavender. I think lavender sachets always make lovely gifts- provided the recipient actually likes the smell of lavender! I'm sure some people don't- and I thought these were really cute and a bit different.

Lilac dip twig pencils by Aubergine Fox I've had my eyes on these for a while, I just think they're so cool and they're made out of actual twigs! Someday I'll find someone to buy them for.

Cactus printed cushions by The Fox in the Attic I genuinely love these, I think they're class! I can see them being a really quirky addition to a living room or bedroom and I'm definitely going to keep these in mind next time I'm doing some interior decorating. If you like these, the seller has a whole range of really cool cushions so I very much recommend you check them out.

'Though she but but little, she is fierce' cuff bracelet by Kaiel Designs One of the reasons why I started making hand-stamped bookmarks was because I really loved the effect the technique produced, so I can always appreciate a good metal-stamped piece. I love these kinds of cuff bracelets, they're lovely and simple, and with a Shakespeare quote too, A+++.

Purple crocheted elephant by The Crocheting Chemist In case you didn't know, these lovely little elephants are made by Hayley who writes the blog Water Painted Dreams. I actually already have one that she made me but they're always a favourite of mine. I think they'd make for a beautiful christening gift or a gift for a newborn. She's actually started selling little crowns to go with them now- so adorable!

Amethyst slice necklace by Aubergine Fox I'm a big fan of Aubergine Fox, it's one of my favourite Etsy shops. They're stuff is really pretty and interesting yet still very on trend. They sell a lot of druzy necklaces and to be honest, I like them all so it was hard to choose a favourite. But I do love the colour of this amethyst one.

Porcelain bird necklace by Aubergine Fox Another of my favourite picks from Aubergine fox. There's so much detail in this pendant, it's so beautiful! 

What are some of your favourite things from Etsy?

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