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Recipe || Banana & Peanut Butter Cookies*

Apologies if the colour of my tea offends some people.

Most of those who know me well enough will have had at least some experience with how genuinely crap I am at baking. I don't know why, I don't know how, but even working with pre-prepared store-bought fairy cake mix has proved a challenge for me in the past. So, when Banana Moon Clothing first got in touch with me asking if I'd be able to whip up a banana-themed bake for their bloggers' Banana Bake Book, I was more than a little apprehensive, but decided I may as well put my best foot forward and give it a go nonetheless! 

I went for cookies because a) they're my favourite and b) they're really easy and only require a baking tray by way of fancy equipment (cake tins and that being quite fancy in my books). I'd also never tried a banana cookie before, and banana and peanut butter kind of sounded like a fantastic combination.

It wasn't until I was mid-way through the preparation stage that it occurred to me that apart from the chocolate chips the cookies didn't contain any animal products, since the banana in this case acts as a sort of egg substitute in the recipe. I'm not actually a vegan myself but I thought if any of you are you might like to try them. I used normal dairy chocolate chips for the cookies you see here but you could substitute them for diary-free chocolate chunks or just exclude them entirely to make the cookies completely vegan.

Recipe makes 25-30 cookies | 20 minutes to prepare | 10-12 minutes baking time


125g (very ripe) mashed banana
130g peanut butter
70g dark brown soft sugar
100g caster sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
165g plain flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
40g plain chocolate chips


1. Mix together the mashed banana and peanut butter until combined, then stir in the dark sugar, caster sugar and vanilla. Combine the flower and baking power, add them to your mixture and stir until smooth. Finally, add your chocolate chips making sure they're well distributed throughout the mixture.
2. Cover the dough and chill it for at least one hour. In the meantime preheat your oven to 190°C/Gas mark 5.
3. Once your dough has been chilled roll it out into walnut-sized balls and lay about 5cm apart on baking trays lined with baking parchment. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes and then allow to cool before serving.

I can confirm that they're delicious with a cup of tea!

I honestly don't know how I managed it with my track record, but I was so pleased with this end result! This was actually the most successful batch of cookies I've probably ever made; a testament to just how simple this recipe is, I think!

* This post was written in collaboration with Banana Moon Clothing, though all views expressed here are my own.


  1. Yeah I'm gonna need to make these. ASAP. <3 I'd never have thought to put banana & peanut butter together but now I'm very excited to!

  2. Yeah I'm gonna need to make these. ASAP. <3 I'd never have thought to put banana & peanut butter together but now I'm very excited to!

  3. Great post I'm going to have to try these now with my son as he loves bananas...and where did you get that mug from? Love it


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