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March Playlist | What I've Been Listening To

I've been listening to quite a variety of different things over the past month, so I thought I'd give you a little breakdown of my favourite songs from March...


January Playlist | What I've Been Listening To

Hozier, Hozier, Hozier... Can we just have a moment of appreciation for these lyrics?

Take Me to Church | Hozier
My church offers no absolutes, 
she tells me, "worship in the bedroom."
The only heaven I'll be sent to 
is when I'm alone with you.

Work Song | Hozier
There's nothing sweeter than my baby,
I never want once from the cherry tree.
Cause my baby's sweet as can be,
She gives me toothaches just from kissing me.

Cherry Wine | Hozier
Her fight and fury is fiery
Oh but she loves, like sleep to the freezing.
Sweet and right and merciful,
I'm all but washed, in the tide of her breathing

From Eden | Hozier
Honey, you're familiar, like my mirror years ago
Idealism sits in prison, chivalry fell on it's sword
Innocence died screaming, honey, ask me I should know
I slithered here from Eden just to sit outside your door

The Winemaker's Love Song | Tyler Lyle
If you're reborn in a new life 
And some gives you red wine, 
Does it taste familiar 
But you don't know how to say why? 

I've also been listening to the soundtrack from 'The Theory of Everything' recently. It's just so beautiful and so calm and relaxing as just background noise while I'm working. I think my favourite tracks are 'The Theory of Everything', 'The Whirling Ways of Stars That Pass', 'Forces of Attraction' and 'Cambridge, 1963'.

A few other tunes I've been enjoying from this month:

The gal in the photo above is Britt who's a very good friend of mine and also one of my very favourite people. She has a great blog you can read here!


October Playlist | What I've Been Listening To

Sam Smith is also currently my artist of choice, especially for when I'm cooking because he's just so chilllll

The photo above was taken by my love friend Mae (Pastel Bambi) who's also a blogger and youtuber as well as a very talented photographer. You may have already heard of but if not here's where you can find her:
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