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Twitter and Blogging | The Low-Down on Blogger Chats

I never used to be much of a Twitter user. In fact, I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it it over the years (leaning a little bit more towards the 'hate' side, that being said). I feel like this was mostly down to me growing tired, not only of my classmates' endless Twitter commentaries in my final year of school, but also as the chronic over-sharer that I am, the potential for my feed to also be subject to their scrutiny. To be honest, I'm just not a big social media fan in general- ironic I know, being a blogger and everything!- and, as a result, for the first several months of my blog's existence, since I hadn't had Twitter for a long time before then, I really didn't feel the need to get it again. However, in September last year, in some moment of reckless abandon, I decided to bite the bullet and create a Twitter for my blog. I think at the time I was just curious to see what I was missing, and honestly for the extent to which Twitter has enriched my blogging experience, I'm so glad I finally did it! 

I think it was from then, through Twitter, that blogging and the blogosphere really started to become a community to me. I mean, it always had been before, but now it just felt all the more tangible. Suddenly I was able to really connect with all the amazing bloggers whose content I had enjoyed reading for so long. I could have discussions with them, hear their thoughts and share mine, and consequently, over the last few months I've really warmed to Twitter as well as having begun to really appreciate it's role in forming relationships in the blogging world.

One of the best discoveries of my time on Twitter has definitely been the huge number of blogger chats taking place throughout the week, which is something I literally had no idea existed before! I'm therefore kind of writing this post for the benefit of any Twitter n00bs, like me, out there who have maybe seen something about these chats or have wanted to join in but aren't too sure what the whole thing's about. Just because I wish I'd had some comprehensible breakdown of what the heck was going on!

So, what are blogger chats?

Basically blogger chats are way to engage with other bloggers, generally about topics related to blogging or whatever type of blogging you do, via Twitter. A number of these chats take place at certain times on certain days during the week and are led by "host" accounts that ask questions to encourage discussion, which you can then answer or contribute to using the chat's designated hashtag. Some chats have a specific topic for each chat, some are just general and some are then a mixture of the two.

How can I take part?

I've tried to make up a somewhat comprehensive list below of all the different chats you can participate in and their times! Please note that all the times listed below are GMT unless stated otherwise.


#bdib: 7-8pm; hosted by @blogsdoitbetter (@touchofbelle)
One of the more general chats. Topics tend to include everything from promoting your blog to finding inspiration for content.
#fbloggers: 8-9pm; hosted by @BeckyBedbug
A chat for all things related to fashion blogging.
#blogtrends: 9-10pm EST (Tues 2-3am GMT); hosted by @BlogTrends
A chat designed to offer advice and support on how to grow and develop your blog


#bookbloggers: 7-8pm; hosted by @bookblogchat
For all you bookworms out there! A chat that revolves around authors, books and book blogging.
#mybchat: 7-8pm; hosted by @MarketYrBlogCht
A chat aimed specifically at discussing ways to market your blog.
#fblchat: 8-9pm; hosted by @fashbeautylife
Another more general chat for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers alike.
#bloghour: 9-10pm; hosted by @UKblogawards
Normally quite a general chat to give you the opportunity to network with other bloggers.

#lbloggers: 7-8pm; hosted by @lbloggerschat
A chat for lifestyle bloggers on a whole host of blogging-related topics. There's normally a guest host each week which is announded on the @lbloggerschat twitter page.
#bbloggers: 8-9pm; hosted by @bbloggerschat
A general chat for beauty bloggers.


#crazybloggers: 7-8pm; hosted by @HollyCassell
A newish general blog chat hosted by the lovely Holly.
#fbloggers: 8-9pm; hosted by @BeckyBedbug
The second fashion blogging chat of the week- not to be confused with #fdbloggers (food bloggers!)
#fdbloggers: 8-9pm; hosted by @fdbloggers
A chat for any bloggers with an interest in food
#tbloggers: 9-10pm; hosted by @teenbloggerchat
A general chat session for all teenage bloggers.


#bdib: 8-9pm; hosted by @blogsdoitbetter (@touchofbelle)
The second #bdib chat of the week.


#socialbloggers: 6-7pm; hosted by @Noor_Unnahar and @Skinnedcartree
A fab general blog chat for all bloggers.
#tbloggers: 8-9pm; hosted by @teenbloggerchat
A topic-specific blog chat for teen bloggers.


#lbloggers 7-8pm; hosted by @lbloggerschat
The second #lbloggers chat of the week for lifestyle bloggers.
#bbloggers: 8-9pm; hosted by @bbloggerschat
The second beauty blogger chat of the week.

I'm sure there are a few more niche chats that I've missed here so let me know if there's any I could add! I hope there's at least a few people out there who might find this post helpful! :)

Do you take part in blogger Twitter chats? What do you think of them?
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